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Dance Therapy by Dr. Joan Chodorow pdf book review

Dance is the hidden language of the soul” – Martha Graham

Dance therapy, also known as dance/movement therapy (DMT), is a form of expressive therapy that uses movement to promote physical, emotional, mental, and social integration of the individual. It is an alternative therapeutic approach that helps individuals to heal and grow through creative and expressive means.

Dr. Joan Chodorow gives a thorough and in-depth discussion of the philosophy, practise, and application of dance therapy in her book “Dance Therapy.” Dance therapy has greatly benefited from the contributions of Dr. Chodorow, a renowned dance therapist, author, and presenter.

Dance Therapy by Dr. Joan Chodorow pdf book review

The book is organised into three sections, with the first section giving a summary of the background, guiding principles, and theoretical underpinnings of dance therapy. Dr. Chodorow describes the history of dance therapy, linking it to the early 20th-century work of Marian Chace and Rudolf Laban. She investigates the guiding ideas and presumptions of the discipline, highlighting the significance of movement and the body for emotional and psychological health.

The second part of the book concentrates on dance therapy practise, covering the methods and strategies applied during sessions. Dr. Chodorow discusses a variety of subjects, including the use of dance improvisation and the significance of nonverbal communication in therapy. She also offers case studies and illustrations of how dance therapy has been used with various groups of people, including those suffering from trauma, mental illness, and developmental disabilities.

Dance Therapy by Dr. Joan Chodorow pdf book review

The book’s concluding chapter examines the more general uses and potential future developments of dance therapy. Dr. Chodorow talks about how dance therapy compares to other types of therapy including cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis. Additionally, she investigates how dance therapy may be used to treat social and cultural concerns including gender identity and intercultural dialogue.

This book’s blending of theory and practise makes it one of its strongest points. Dr Chodorow gives a succinct and straightforward explanation of the fundamental ideas behind dance therapy while also providing advice and examples for those working in the area. The book is an invaluable resource for both experts and laypeople interested in dance therapy because of the author’s clear and captivating writing.

Dance Therapy by Dr. Joan Chodorow pdf book review conclusion

In conclusion, “Dance Therapy” by Dr. Joan Chodorow is an insightful and comprehensive exploration of the field of dance therapy. With its clear and engaging writing style, practical examples, and theoretical grounding, it is an essential resource for anyone interested in this dynamic and effective therapeutic approach.

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