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Deacon King Kong novel by James McBride book review

Deacon King Kong novel by James McBride was published in 2020. The book tells the story of a group of characters who live in the Causeway Housing Projects in South Brooklyn in 1969. The story revolves around a man named Sportcoat, a former baseball player and current alcoholic, who shoots the local drug dealer in front of everyone in the community.

The book explores community, identity, and atonement in a beautifully written and compelling way. The reader is taken to the streets of Brooklyn in the late 1960s by McBride’s lyrical and evocative narrative. Each character has their own idiosyncrasies and goals, and they are all fully developed and complex.

Deacon King Kong novel by James McBride book review

The relationship between Sportcoat and the drug dealer, Deems Clemens, is at the center of the book. Sportcoat struggles to balance his love for Deems with his desire to clean up the neighborhood of narcotics, creating a relationship that is both angry and compassionate.

The storylines of several persons in the neighborhood are interwoven as the book goes on, providing the reader a complex picture of life in the projects. The story deftly and profoundly examines questions of race, class, and social justice through their lives.

Deacon King Kong novel by James McBride book review conclusion

Deacon King Kong is an excellent piece of fiction that will appeal to those who value a well-written tale with complex characters and a thorough examination of significant subjects. The writing of McBride is both elegant and approachable, making this book a great page-turner that will leave readers with lasting impressions.

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